A two part running event brought to you by the CT Trailmixers!


All the detailed information you need is in the document here

Participate in one, or both - no cost. Races will be scored on a point system, and the winner of the combined series takes home the CT Trailmixers Championship Belt. 

The belt is only open to CT Trailmixer Membership - sign up for that here

Registration is open for the Winter Solstice Warrior - NOW! 

How does it work?
Run as much as you can from sunrise to sunset.
The event will be scored on a point system, that will be calculated as such: 
(Total Mileage) squared X (Total Elevation) / (Average Pace) = Score

50 miles squared X 5,000 feet of elevation gain / 10 min per mile pace = 1,250,000 points

20 miles squared x 12,000 feet / 15 min pace per mile = 320,000 points

The runner at the end of it with the most points wins (more details in the document linked above, for you folks that like details).