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About Us

CT Trailmixers:

Who we are and what we do


We're a trail running club based in central Connecticut. We run year-round across the state - winter, spring, summer, and fall - hosting regular social group runs, races, book talks, and other events. 

Check us out on Facebook for the latest news and info - and to meet your fellow Trailmixers.

Become a member

For $20 you get a discount off races and gear. Join today!

(Note that membership is through 12/31/21. You might want to wait for our 2022 membership drive - coming soon.)

Our purpose

Life isn’t meant to be lived just inside.

Desk jobs. Debts. Decisions.

Life is so much more.

There’s a big wide outside calling to us,

waiting to be explored.

Rocks. Roots. Trees. Streams. Grass. Hills.


So bring it all and leave it all on the trail:

your heart,

your body,

and your soul.

See what it feels like to live in the now,

where all that matters is

the whisper of your footfalls on the path,

the white flick of a deer’s tail ‘round the bend,

the reassurance of your trail companions,

and the sight of the next blaze up ahead.

We live in the land of the free

and the home of the trails.

Love the land.

Move through the land.

Share the land.

Run with us.



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